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Travessera studio


Les Corts, Barcelona


Les Corts, Barcelona

Renovation of an architectural office.

76 m2

2019 – 2020


The space, before being renovated, had good spatial and lighting conditions, but the functional organization and its materiality did not guarantee the comfort and warmth necessary for a work space.

The intervention is based on the economy of resources and relies on the recovery of hidden materials and textures as well as the recycling of existing elements. Thus, the original pavement of the building, very resistant and with a warm and pleasant texture, is recovered. A concrete column is also revealed and stripped, becoming a main element which, at the same time, separetes diferents areas.

The existing furniture with cabinets and shelves is in good condition and is maintained with punctual reparations.

Four new materials were introduced: a natural clay cladding that dresses the bathroom volume, offering a warm texture and good acoustic performance; the integrated furniture with recycled plastic tiles; the new flooring in the office area made with earth leftover from a construction site, compacted and polished; the new curtain that crosses the entire space, dividing the work area from the rest of the spaces.

The combination of the new materials and the old materials that have been rediscovered, generates a new dialogue and gives the space a new, more genuine character. New contrasts are generated between stone materials, recycled plastic conglomerates and the light but powerful curtain at the same time enriching the perception and experience of the space.

Länk Arquitectes


Wikimedia Commons (introduction)
Länk Arquitectes (previous condition, process)
Joan Guillamat (final)

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