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Sant Gervasi, Barcelona


Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Apartment renovation

82 m2

2022 – 2023



Sant Gervasi is a neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona where detached housing buildings are the most common. The apartment, on a second floor with three facades, has good lighting and ventilation conditions, but they have been blocked by a very divided typology. Its configuration, with poorly optimized service areas, generates spaces exclusively for circulation and poorly connected living spaces.

The clients, a couple with two children, like their apartment, but they notice that some parts are outdated and make them live uncomfortably. The renovation has to be approached strategically, aiming to reverse this condition to add clarity to the spaces and provide them with good proportions and lighting conditions, while maintaining the essence of the apartment. We also want to unblock the relationship with its north facade in order to have more light and enjoy the views towards an old monastery. The relocation of one of the bathrooms (before, inconveniently placed) allows the recovery of the entire window that will frame the desired view.

The proposed configuration generates new visual relationships between the living spaces, contributing to perceive wider spaces more connected with their exteriors. It also generates cross-ventilations previously blocked by the excessive interior partitions. The kitchen space opens up and becomes a space for family gatherings, arranged in such a way that it allows fluid circulation from one space to another. Small changes that improve the functionality of the apartment, contributing to energy savings for lighting and conditioning of the living spaces.

The materiality wants to highlight the new fluid condition of space and, at the same time, define the sequence of the different rooms in a subtle way. A warm atmosphere is created by using soft colour chromaticism which coexists well with the preserved noble materials.

Länk Arquitectes


JV Reformas S.L.U.

Pol Masip (Context and result)
Länk Arquitectes (Context, ,previous condition, process)

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