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Manso penthouse


Sant Antoni, Barcelona


Sant Antoni, Barcelona

Full renovation of a flat

47 sqm + 30 sqm (terrace)

2019 – 2020


The apartment is located on a corner near the Sant Antoni market, one of the most vibrant areas of Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona. The client, a northern European, wanted to transform this former penthouse into a home that would blend his character with the city. The goal: to combine the simplicity and clarity of European design with Mediterranean warmth.

The apartment was hyper-compartmentalized and did not take advantage of the morphology of the space, which, despite being exterior, remained in darkness. Unnecessary corridors and tiles of different origins hid a reduced interior space (47m2) but with privileged conditions.

The singular geometry of the perimeter created by the large terrace and the modest interior space, are the starting point of the reconfiguration. The space is simplified by organizing a completely open living area. The central piece of furniture, arranged in zigzag and custom designed, generates an iconic continuity and offers, at the same time, two discreet but fluid paths until the intimate spaces of the house.

The demolition of walls allows sunlight to reach the corners and generates more fluid circulation between the different areas. All rooms now have cross ventilation.

A large shaded area is created to neutralize the high amount of direct solar radiation that the apartment faces. The large terrace is equipped with wooden Barcelona blinds, creating a semi-outdoor space that becomes a natural extension of the indoor living area. This space functions as a control element that will act as a thermal device between indoors and outdoors in the warmer seasons.

The chromatic uniformity through materials and textures helps to give continuity to the different spaces. A balance is sought between Nordic clean lines and Mediterranean warmth.

Länk Arquitectes


Casa Teva reformes S.L.

Länk Arquitectes (previous condition, process)
Joan Guillamat (final)

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