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Länk arquitectes is an architectural practice founded in Barcelona in 2019 and co-directed by architects, Andrea Las Hayas and Iago Pineda.

Their projects have been recognised on several occasions, winning several prizes in national and international architectural competitions. Some projects have also been the subject of publications and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Andrea Las Hayas
2009-10. One year of studies at the Stockholm School of Architecture (KTH).
2012. Architect by the UPC at the ETSA school of architecture in Barcelona.
2012-18. She works as an architect in Barcelona.
2019. Founding partner of Länk Arquitectes.

Iago Pineda
2009-10. One year of studies at the Stockholm School of Architecture (KTH).
2013. Architect by the UPC in the school of architecture ETSA del Vallès.
2013-14. He works as an architect in Barcelona.
2014-18. He works as an architect in Belgium.
2019. Founding partner of Länk Arquitectes.

Former collaborators
Manuel Pedraz
Aleix Masjoan
Tomás Cáceres
Xavi Mauricio
Raquel Mirón
Bernat Renau
Jose Gómez
Pol Lluís Mateo
Leire Blanco
Ane Escribano

Awards and acknowledgements
(2023) 2nd prize
EUROPAN 17 competition – Etten-Leur (Nederland).

(2023) Finalist
Competition for the refurbishment and extension of the Tosquella House in Sarrià Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona.

(2023) 1st prize
Awarded in the XIII edition of the AJAC Awards (Young Architects of Catalonia) for the urban regeneration project of Colonia Sedó. The complete news here..

(2022) 2nd prize
Competition for the extension of the Bretón de los Herreros Theatre in Logroño, La Rioja.

(2021) 1st prize
EUROPAN 16 competition - Colonia Sedó, Esparreguera.

(2021) 1st prize
Competition for the refurbishment of the multipurpose hall in the old church of the "Palau dels Comtes" in Castelló d'Empúries (Girona).

(2021) 2nd prize
Competition for the redesign of the "Poeta Sitjà" plaza in Castell d'Aro, Girona.

(2021) 5th prize
Competition for the design project of the new "CAP Raval Nord" primary healthcare centre refurbishing the Misericordia Chapel in Barcelona.

Publications, exhibitions and academia
(2024) Final-jury
Invited jury for the final presentations of the 'Design Studio II' project course of the UIC Barcelona Architecture Degree.

(2024) Mid-jury
Invited jury in the MArq (Master in Architecture) thesis projects program at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV).

(2024) Project published
Europan Netherlands Catalogue + Europan Europe Catalogue + Europan Spain Catalogue (E17 - Living Cities II). 2nd prize project.

(2024) Project presentation
Presentation of our project 'Sale Ends Today' in the town hall of Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) at the invitation of Europan Netherlands.

(2023) Debate + presentation
Participation in the closing ceremony of the exhibition 'Ciutats Somiades'' at Palau Robert in Barcelona. Invited by El Periódico and AJAC.

(2023) Arquitectura Biennale
Project selected and exhibited at COAC in Barcelona during the first biennale of young architects (‘POST-LIKE’) promoted by AJAC.

(2022) Online lecture
Studio invited by the Coventry University Architecture Society. Lecture on own work.

(2022) International forum
Studio invited by Europan Europe to participate in the European Forum 'Inter-sessions - Living Cities' in Clermont-Ferrand (France).

(2022) Lecture + exhibition
Studio invited by Europan Spain (CSCAE). 'Pecha-kucha' of 1st prize project for Europan 16. Temporary exhibition at Nau Bostik (Barcelona).

(2022) Project published
Europan Spain Catalogue + Europan Europe Catalogue (E16 - Living Cities). 1st prize project.

(2022) Lecture
Guest studio invited by the 'Institut Català del Sòl' (INCASOL). Presentation of Colonia Sedó project.

(2022) Mid-jury
Invited jury in the 'Postindustrial Landscapes' studio (Pta-PCh - Plaça de les Glòries) at the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV).

(2021) Final jury
Invited jury in the 'Postindustrial Landscapes' studio (Pta-PCh - Torrent de l'Estadella) of the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV).

(2020) Final jury
Invited jury in the projects studio of the 'University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign' in Chicago (USA) given at the Escola Tècnica d'Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV).



Travessera de Les Corts, 230
Entresuelo 2a
08014 Barcelona Spain


"Espai Länk" is a studio designed to work, share and grow surrounded by other professionals.

It is located in 'Les Corts' district of Barcelona and has 70m2 with everything you need to develop a professional practice in a quiet, pleasant and comfortable environment.

If you are interested and want to talk to us you can write to

Job applications
There are currently no vacancies in the team. For spontaneous applications you can send your CV + portfolio and a short motivational email to

Phone number
Andrea las Hayas
(+34) 678 582 926

Iago Pineda
(+34) 659 327 538



Länk Arquitectes


22.03.24 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫
We are invited to participate in the last project reviews of the 'Design Studio II' course of the UIC Barcelona Architecture Degree. The students present their final projects and we reflect together on issues such as collective housing, density and landscape. It's always a pleasure to see the good work they do from universities!

25.01.24 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

We are invited to participate in the mid-jury for the final projects of the Master in Architecture (MArq) of the ETSAV. In this case the area of work is the municipality of Montcada i Reixac and the projects propose strategies at different scales to address issues such as climate emergency, management of resources and landscape or urban regeneration.

Premiats al concurs EUROPAN 17 🥈
Our proposal 'Sale Ends Today' has received the second prize in the european competition for young architects EUROPAN 17. En aquesta ocasió vam participar amb un projecte de regeneració urbana per al municipi d’Etten-Leur, als Paisos Baixos. Aviat publicarem més informació a l’apartat de projectes del nostre web 🙂

We are part of the young architects Biennale at COAC ✨
From Thursday 5 to Sunday 22 October, the first young architecture Biennale promoted by the AJAC will be held at the COAC in Barcelona. We are participating in it with a reflection on 'Regenerative Heritage' through the Colonia Sedó project. You can find all the information on the website of ‘POST-LIKE’.

Participem al festival de cloenda de Ciutats Somiades 📢
The newspaper 'El Periódico' together with the AJAC invited us to participate in the closing ceremony of the exhibition 'Ciutats Somiades' which could be visited during the last months at the Palau Robert in Barcelona. We presented our Colonia Sedó project and reflected on the cities of the future together with other teams of young architects who had also won an AJAC award.

Premiats als premis AJAC XIII 🏆
We have received an AJAC award (Association of Young Architects of the College of Architects of Catalonia) for our project of urban regeneration of Colonia Sedó. You can see the complete project here. You can also see the article with all the information in this link of La Vanguardia or in the COAC website.

Ja podeu navegar pel nostre nou web 🚀
You will be able to see a selection of our completed and unrealized projects from 2019. Also some projects we are currently working on, we hope you like it!

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